Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day Off Day 2

I'm happy to report I made 4 loaves of bread yesterday. One was devoured by the boys at the firehouse straight out of the oven...they hate my bread, but someone has to eat it!!! LOL!!! Tom was working with one of "our kids", Jason yesterday and he had brought a roast in, so all I had to do was bring in the crock pot and the veggies. The guys started it at lunch, so dinner was done minus the salad when I arrived. I whipped up a green salad, not knowing Tom had assigned that task to Dylan, one of the students. I'm an overachiever like that! Anywho, I didn't work outside because my joints were killing me! I know, you all don't want to hear about this old ladies aches and pains, but you know what? This getting old ain't for sissies!!! I took my lead from my gracious commenters and let the day take me where it did. Laundry, a little work in the fifth wheel, a groom session with Kodi while I watched Hawaii Five-O (the original with Jack Lord...thanks Netflix!), a trip to the library, a whole lot of sock knitting...all in all, a good day! Speaking of socks, I checked out this years Portland Sock Summit. Hopefully I can get over there this year and check that out. Sounds like alot of fun.  I did some surfing over at Ravelry last night to and discovered there is a new yarn store going in Gresham soon. It is in a prime location in historic old town...right near the farmer's market. I am cautiously optomistic as I have seen businesses come and go over the years in that area (including a great quilt shop and another yarn shop). It is near our GDB lounge, which we used to work out of religiously, but with the advent of the 2 week class, we only use it for traffic and night routes and the occasional rural traveler who doesn't need big city training. I definitely will go support her...I have alot of fiber to knit down though in my stash! Well, breakfast is just about over so I need to get this party started! Tom and I are going to Home Depot this afternoon to get the stuff to make hot house beds out of our traditional beds...hopefully there will be garden reports soon!


gMarie said...

Let me know if you are going to make it to sock summit. I might get the knitting girls together for a train trip and shopping excursion :) g

Sewfast said...

Wow...that would be fun! I will project my schedule out and let you know if it will work out!