Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fiber is Good for You!

Here are the spoils of the weekend:
Tom had a class in Harrisburg all weekend and I had Saturday off. I thought it would be fun to join him for the night, so while he was getting smarter, I was building the stash! When I got up in the morning, I did my usual check in with Facebook to see if there were any new Colt pictures and checked Craigslist for anything that might pique my interest. There happened to be a moving sale only a couple miles from my house. The ad had me at "eliminating my Fabric and Yarn stash"...Hello Lover!!! Come to find out this family is packing it up and moving to Vietnam to teach English. They want to live an international lifestyle and expose their kids to more than what is offered in the Estacada school district. Her fabric stash was minimal. In fact I was thinking "You call this a stash? I call it 911-I need to get to Fabric Depot ASAP!!!" I only picked out one piece of fabric, which I see did NOT make it into the photo shoot.  It was a nice sturdy canvas with a bright floral print. It would make a gorgeous apron or maybe a bag...I need to ponder that for awhile.  The real find was the yarn. She actually spins and had alot of stuff for that if I was to that point, but honestly I have enough stuff to keep on crafting for awhile, so I passed on that. But back to the yarn...she brought out 2 totes of amazing fiber...mostly wools and some beautiful ribbon yarn. After a little back and forth I had a deal for the whole lot, minus a couple balls she dug out and asked if we could still be friends if she kept them. Of course I said YES! This poor woman was parting with her stash. Some of the ribbon skeins were marked $15.50 a piece! I got a few other items as well that I didn't photograph...a beautiful green Patagonia jacket that is now my Spring (if it ever officially gets here) jacket. 

My next stop was a bit farther down the road in Springfield, Oregon. A place called "Our Sewing Place" was hosting a crafter's garage sale and there was a special benefit section of fabric, patterns and notions to benefit a woman who was ill. It was her stash, which made me sad and made me want to go home and sew up every piece of fabric in my closet immediately! I don't subscribe to the "she who dies with the most fabric wins" theory. I think it should be "she who uses the most fabric wins!" Anywho, I got 2 yards of a beautiful heathered green Pendleton wool for $3.00. There are a few holes along the selvedge edge, but nothing I can't work around. It was after noon when I arrived there, so it only goes without saying that the prime stuff had already sold. There were still enough things to make it worth my while, and I didn't have anything better to do. I got a Dritz bound buttonhole maker for 50 cents. It obviously did not belong to the woman taking the money because she had no clue what it was for. Somebody did a tutorial on using that tool a while back...I will have to find that. There are really good directions on the package, but it will be fun to see the tutorial. I got a vintage toy pattern and some black fabric out of the Free box, plus some other patterns and some water-soluble basting thread for a quarter. 

All in all a good fiber intake day!   I then set the GPS to the RV park Tom was staying at, and it took me on the wildest route! (I know you're laughing Gaylen!!!) When it said I had reached my destination, I was staring at a big pasture! What??? I turned around and tried it again...yep, you have reached your destination at a big pasture! There was a muddy road at one end, but I thought, "there's no way anyone would take a trailer down that and I'm not taking my car in there to get stuck!" I headed in the opposite direction from where Tom-Tom told me to turn and found an address that told me that my navigation system was LOST! I continued using good old common sense and found my destination on my own! Tom-Tom was right 2 out of 3 times I used it yesterday, but lesson learned kiddos...use your head and keen sense of direction (cough!) when finding a new location! Tom and I had a beautiful night...dinner at the Roadhouse after discovering Cabelas at Gateway will not be open til May! (Boo!)...and then Tom proceeded to kick my @$$ at dice...never fails! Quick trip home and now I need to head to work...duty calls!     


ashley0107 said...

What a score! I've never really been to any moving sales or anything like that, but I've been to a few car boot sales. They're always great fun! :)
Glad you got there in the end! We've been taken on some crazy routes by our tom-tom too. The worst was when we were diverted by road works, and it just didn't know where we were! We got there in the end too :)
Ashley x

gMarie said...

Hmmm - because Tom Tom has never failed us before - right?

Sounds like a lovely morning of shopping and stash enhancement. I to a wee bit of sewing done this weekend. :) g

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Sounds like you had a good shopping day! It would be so hard to part from stash. You're right, it needs to be sewn up!