Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Sign is Done!!!

Thank Goodness! What a project! 4X8 foot rough plyboard...difficult to get precise lines, but I doubt passing motorists will see the minor imperfections! The dogs graciously declined to join me on this day long opus...even when I dragged their comfy beds out there and Papa made a surprise visit home and brought the heater up from the shop. Wimps! Anywho, I am now enjoying a much deserved fistful of angel food cake and a glass of Merlot...who knew the combination would be so fabulous? In other news, Sara has committed to a European marathon...she's doing Athens in November! Isn't that exciting??? I am so in awe of my daughter. You always want your children to excel and do more than you did, but Sara always does the most amazing things with her life and makes me so proud! Now to figure out a way to be at the finish line...I leave you with a picture of my heart...

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