Sunday, April 28, 2013

Craigslist Score!

Tom and I are slowly but surely putting the finishing touches on our LaPine home. The feel of the house is rustic cabin, and we knew we wanted a log bed for the master suite, but not just any old plain log bed. We found a gorgeous custom bed on Craigslist, but there was one detractor...the iron work had a horse scene on it. I love horses, but a little off our decor. Enter Tom, who can do anything! He plans to replace the horses with some elk! Perfect! So here's the bed, but imagine elk running through the trees instead of horses!
Sewing is progressing. Working on a lot of basics for summer. Did you see the new Vogues? I was going to get some, but as Shams pointed out, many of the new ones are already sold out! Gotta be quick these days! 

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gMarie said...

Ah that's a great bed.

I spent the weekend sewing muslin - white. And the dress has problems, so I'm glad I didn't cut into my pretty border print. Especially since I decided I liked it. :) g