Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sew Fail

Didn't even make it to the machine tonight! Boo! After a 10 hour shift, I ran in to the station to have dinner with the boys...I didn't have to cook...Thanks Adam! I made it home about a quarter to 7:00 and felt compelled to pull a few weeds in the flower bed. A good 15 minutes got the major weeds out and a nice snack for Millie Goat. I went in and tended to some necessary chores and then set out to cut out a couple Sillouette tops. I didn't have enough of the fabrics I had intended, but I thought I could cut out a few Renfrews. Then I couldn't find my pattern. By the time I found it I was not in the mood anymore and decided the best thing to do was clean the carpet upstairs. Because that's what every sane person wants to do after a long day of work! But tomorrow is a short day at work...I have my patterns in place and a minimum of errands to do after work...dare I dream of an afternoon of stitching? Yes! Yes! Yes!


Nanna said...

lol! hope you get to sew ,generaly if I don't head to the sewing room early I get out of the mood fast so I try to get everyhting laid out the day before, try being the keyword lol!

Faye Lewis said...

Mary I certainly hope that afternoon of sewing comes true for you!