Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Itchin' 2B Stitchin...

Just a quick fly by...a toddler's attention span is very short and we have big plans for the day, but I just had to share my latest fabric aquisition. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I succumbed to a great FabricMart sale. They actually have another one that ends today, but I am showing incredible restraint (but I am thinking about going back there....) Let me just show you what came last week and maybe that will satisfy my urge! First off...the fabrics I selected:
The bright floral Maggy London border print in the lower right hand corner prompted the order. Common logic would dictate I use the floral on the bottom edge of a dress, but I am thinking of having it down one side with the rest of the dress black. What do you think? The black and white ponte print above that is amazing and I think Carolyn made a dress with it, but I haven't had a chance to peruse back through her makes to see. The zigzag will be a wrap dress I think, and the black with gold stripes and the olive spaced dyed knits are going to be Renfrew Tees. The grey and beige print is a nice lightweight stable knit and I'm thinking some kind of cardigan. Now for the surprise fabric that came in the bundles:
I've got plans for most of this too. Upper left is a gorgeous plum wool blend that will be a skirt...pattern yet to be determined. The pink is a super soft stable knit with tiny ribs...at first I was not sure if I liked it...not much of a pink wearer, but I am thinking about a longer cardigan pattern from an earlier issue of My Image. Next is a dark teal crisp poly that will probably be a lining for something. The black, white and grey animal print will be a skirt (soon, I hope). The upper right is a dark teal (very similar to the lining fabric) velveteen. It screams tailored jacket. The orange poly satin...LINING for sure...Tom said it would make a great hunting vest...NOT! The zebra print double knit will make a great magic pecil skirt unless I come up with something else. The circle print jersery is yumm, but will need special care in cutting out to prevent the bullseye effect!
I'm very excited to get working with this fabric. I did muslin out the Silhouettes Giorgio top to fit my body. I found the sizing a little confusing, but ended up with the smallest size and tweaking the sleeves a little bigger (for my massive biceps...LOL!) and nipping in the waist about an inch. Looking forward to sewing a few of those up because they do work up quickly. Hopefully my next post will have pics of fabric made into actual garments...gotta run...time to take a 2 year old on an adventure!


Faye Lewis said...

I do love ALL of your fabric. You made great selections.

gMarie said...

What lovely fabrics. I just hit delete when I get those emails and rarely look. I hope you get some sewing time soon. I'm itchin' too. g