Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sew Success!

In a manner of speaking! I did get a Renfrew Tee shirt cut out yesterday afternoon, but did not sew. I'm planning a big topapalooza and the Renfrew is a perfect top for that because you can do all the construction on the serger. I have a Babylock Evolve, but recently purchased a Janome serger off Craigslist that is easily portable. OMG...yesterday there was a Janome serger for $20.00 and a Bernina sewing machine for $40.00 advertised on Craigslist at a garage sale. Unfortunately ( or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) I was at work and unable to go until well after they opened. I'm sure some lucky soul snapped those up! Anyway, back to my plan...I have a few knit tops and another Jalie cardigan ready to's coming along!
Today I am wearing a retro dress I made a couple years ago from a cotton print I purchased from FabricMart oddly enough. The makes from their fabrics tend to live a long life in my wardrobe...hmmm...

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gMarie said...

moral of this story: sew from FabricMart fabric ASAP! I'm glad you got some cutting out done. I can't sew when I cut out multiples. I'm a one project at a time girl. I'm torn between working on a dress I know will fit and should look fabulous or working on a new pattern. It's never easy. g