Friday, November 12, 2010

My new guilty pleasure...

I was bored one afternoon and started looking at costume jewelry on ebay. Who knew you could find such great vintage bargains for such paltry sums??? I bought a couple lots of vintage lot of 14 for $1.99. Some of the pieces I remember seeing in my Mom's jewelry box, but hers are long gone.  I also got some necklaces and have a pair of thimble earrings on the way! This renewed interest in jewelry got me thinking I should reorganize my jewelry so that I could see what I have. I had fallen into a rut of wearing the same 2 necklaces and a couple different pairs of earrings. As you can see, I have  plenty of other options:
Here is a close up of the pins. I took a Thai silk pillow cover that a friend brought me back from Thailand years ago and made into a pin showcase:

As for sewing, I finished another Burda Style turtleneck out of a knit I picked up at the thrift store a couple weeks ago. I purchased a binder for my Evolve and have been practicing with that. God bless Debbie Cook and her tutorials! She is a wealth of information on using binders and other coverstitch accessories. Back to work tomorrow...Whoo-hoo!!!


gMarie said...

Look at you go! I haven't even traced that pattern yet and now I'm not sure I can find it. Hubby decided NOW was the time to do the floor downstairs - it was suppose to be next Spring! ARG. g

Summerset said...

Ah, yes, love those pins. I've got some nice ones, too. I check out my local antique places every couple of months to see if there are any new goodies.