Saturday, November 6, 2010


Sorry for the lack of pictures my friends...don't mean to tease! many times I sneak a moment here or there to blog on my netbook when I have the chance and I don't have the camera with the picture with me. I have taken pictures of both tops on Valentine and have wore them both, so they are in the wash now! The Ottobre is made of a tissue knit and is very sheer. It looked great under a tunic cardigan, but I don't think it can go it alone. The Burdastyle turtleneck is awesome! I cut another one out on my break last night and hope tohave it stitched up before the weekend is through. I work weekends, so that cuts into quality sewing time!!!


gMarie said...

You really are just a big tease! Did you see Sumerset had an easy way to do that burda turtle?

I have a lovely red knit that needs to be that turtle. What I really need to do is walk away from the computer and get moving so I can run my errands and get back home to sew! g

Maryissewfast said...

I did see Summerset's trick and actually I stumbled upon that trick when I was trying to decipher the made a lot more sense than trying to do it their way! I always consider the directions merely a suggestion! :)

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