Sunday, November 7, 2010

Raining on Sunday

Seemed like an appropriate title on so many levels. It is actually raining on Sunday and I have been listening to a lot of Radney Foster lately. Radney Foster? You are unfamiliar with Radney Foster? He is a very successful country songwriter who does put out records of his own tunes and Raining on Sunday is one of them (think Keith Urban). He also wrote Keith's more recent hit "I'm In". I got turned on to Radney when a friend sent us a video of Angel Flight with Darius Rucker Watch this video...I'm sure you will be touched too. I had to find this song and found out that proceeds from the sale of the “Angel Flight” single benefit the Texas National Guard Family Support Foundation, which aids military families in crisis. Now on to the sewing portion of this post. I apologize for the delay in promised pictures. This would have went up last night had I not had to take Tom to Urgent Care. He slipped at work and hit the back of his head requiring stitches. That's another big long story, but all's well that ends well and he returned to work after the ordeal, proving once again that my fireman is tough! Now as previously alluded to...the goods...

This is the Ottobre sweater. The hems look wavy and wonky in the pictures, but they really are not that bad. A good pressing took care of that.

The BS turtleneck...very comfortable and good basic.
And now for some Christmas gift pictures...don't look kids!!!

Daddy and me coordinating shirts! What fun! Gun design purchased at Embroidery Library Text done by me through Embird Font Engine. I love EL and that reminds me...they're having a sale this weekend...oops, gotta go...wink, wink!! Have a great Sunday!


gMarie said...

love the t-shirt pressies! I'm off to trace that bwof turtle this afternoon. must.put.'puter.down!


Maryissewfast said...

Not embroidery machine did all of that! :)

Irene said...

The t-shirts are adorable. Turtleneck looks great!

gwensews said...

Christmas? Say it isn't so! Cute shirts!