Sunday, May 22, 2011

I'm still here...

I guess the rapture came and left me behind. You too? Guess I am in good company then! In all seriousness, I have been thinking up posts, taking pictures for posts and then what do I do? Not post! Sorry to disappoint, but this isn't going to be much of a post either, but at least I'm making the effort to splatter my brain on the page again. My new work schedule is wonderful, but like any change it takes a little time to adjust. It's my weekend and of course I had big plans to work outside, but as if on cue the rain has returned! There are a few absolutes I want to get done this morning, so on comes the rain gear. I was fortunate enough to receive a trunk full of irises throught the kindness of a stranger on FreeCycle. I noticed she has reposted, so I guess the other lady and I didn't clean her out! I need to get them in the ground today so Mother Nature can take care of the watering for me! I also have some greenhouse work to do, which I can do regardless of the weather. The rain has me seriously itching to spend some time in the studio, and I will! I have done some paying jobs, but that is not fun sewing. I am working a new to me sock pattern and I really like how the heel turned on this pattern. Maybe I am just getting better at it with all my practicing!!! Tom is working a double and then is leaving Tuesday morning to work on the LaPine project. We will have water soon and the concrete guy is ready to get working on the shop floor! Whoo-hoo! That also means the money is going to start flying out of our account, but what a worthwhile investment in our future! I am so excited! We saved a small inheritance that I received when my Dad passed away a few years ago, so I feel like this is the building that Mom and Dad built with all their hard work and saving. I know they would be happy.  Well, enough nostalgia...time to get digging in the dirt so I can start stitching!

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