Saturday, May 14, 2011

Where in the world is Mary Deeter?

My poor blog. It's been so neglected. A friend from work asked about Me Made March today. She said she hadn't checked my blog in awhile. I told her she hasn't missed much! I think about posting, but I have been pretty busy just keeping up with life lately.  I have done some sewing for hire jobs, but very little for me. I did a couple of "Put a Bird On It" shirts for my boss' granddaughter. For those of you who are wondering what the heck I am talking about, here is a link to Portlandia...a show about Portland and what "Put a bird on it" is all about...just keeping Portland weird! The garden is progressing nicely thanks to Tom's hoop-a-rama. The bedding plants are thriving and the first beans, radishes and lettuce are up...whoo-hoo! Finished my ribbon scarf and starting some more...wait for it...socks! Totally addicted to knitting socks...totally! My work schedule has changed and guess more evil doubles! Can I get an amen??? My new days off are Sunday/Monday...they are predictable and easy to remember as opposed to every other Saturday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday...can you keep up? Me neither!!!! I don't mind working weekends because Tom's schedule is every third day, but I do appreciate having some continuity to my life! Our days off fall off together this week, so we are going to LaPine...hopefully we will not be snowed upon like last time. The plan is to pour the slab for the pump house. Tom will construct the walls here and take over to construct the actual pump house. He bought a generator to run the pump, so we will have running water come summer! That is huge, even though Norm has been gracious enough to let us come fill our buckets. He was just afraid we were going to burn his house down! LOL!!! And the permits have been approved, so the shop is going up! Another Whoo-hoo! And we're going to England and Greece in November! You has been crazy! Well, Tom just called and the boys are hungry, so to the fire house I go...Later!!!

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Donna said...

Hi Mary, I've been thinking of you and wondered why I hadn't seen anything from you. I've been sewing a lot myself lately. I thought I'd drop by and say Hi.

England and GReece? How wonderful!

Donna @ Comin' Home