Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Oregon Jamboree Report

Another Jamboree is in the books and as far as pictures go...in the works of Darius Rucker's new song..."I got nothin!" What? I always take volumes of pictures of the artists and have a whole folder of them. I didn't even crack a camera once this year and it didn't bother me. Well, maybe a little when I realized I don't have a picture of that hunky Mark Miller, but it's okay. I have it up in the vault until the dementia kicks in (or maybe I will think I'm married to Mark Miller when that happens...who knows?). The line up was okay this year, but not awe inspiring as in years past. The Brownsville festival seems to be drawing some pretty good talent and is becoming quite competitive. Next year is the Jamboree's 20th anniversary and they have plans to pull out all the stops, but more on that later...back to the lineup.

JoDee Messina: Her singing was good, and she wasn't as snarky as last time, but again she dresses like a hobo! Really? We aren't paying you enough that you can find clothes that fit and don't look totally drab? Come on...step it up girl! And I have one thing to say to the performers who bring their small children on stage...ear protection! Don't damage those poor babies hearing so early in life. Let them do that when they are teenagers (just kidding)

Ronnie Dunn: Of course he was amazing and although there was less flash than a Brooks and Dunn concert, it pretty much was the same as if Kix were there (sorry Kix, but didn't really miss you Bud!) You expect a show like that from a performer of his caliber. Loved the song he came out to...Snake Farm by Ray Wylie Hubbard...check it out!

Colin Raye: Love him! The concert might have been more enjoyable had my sunscreen not melted and ran into my eyes, but that's not Colin's fault. He gave a great performance.

Sawyer Brown: OMG! The best show of the Jam! It's so hard to believe they have been performing for 30 years! I had forgot that they were on Star Search. Mark Miller quipped that he told his kids "We were the original American Idol". They brought high energy and fun to their show. Mark Miller was constantly dancing!   Rob and Scotty were going to have a dance-off in camp. Tom was excused due to his knee injury! Great new song to update "Some Girls Do"... "Smokin' Hot Wife"

Lady Antebellum: Okay...they are a hot commodity right now. Love to listen to their music. As a live performance? Ho hum...of course, they had the flashy lights and smoke effects. They are attractive to look at. It just didn't have me on my feet and dancing in the aisles.

Clay Walker: short! Not that exciting...points for ear protection on one child in the wings...little girl would not leave her ear protectors on.

Darius Rucker: aka "Hootie". He was good. He did all his new stuff and of course some of the Blowfish hits. Not as earth shattering as finales in years past, but I was glad to see him. The exciting thing was watching him leave in the helicopter on the football field that brought him to Sweet Home. We all thought Life Flight was coming in when the helicopter landed. Nope, it was just Hootie dropping in for a show!

There were some other artists that we didn't go to, but we could hear them just fine from our camp site. Gotta eat sometime, and the food in there is outrageously expensive. Had a wonderful time catching up on all the Coos Bay gossip and talking nursing with Terri. Sad to hear that Dr. Potter had died. Many of the docs I worked with at the hospital have retired (or should retire, if you get what I mean!)

Lastly, they let out a little information about next years show...the 20th anniversary.  Neal McCoy is not only performing...he's hosting the whole shindig! For those of you who have never been to a Neal McCoy show...you need to see him if he comes around because he is an awesome showman! Next they let on that Rascal Flatts are booked to play! One of my must see bands! Now Bocephus, I know I say this every year, but won't you please, Please, PLEASE come see us in Sweet Home? Please???

We will return to regular scheduled sewing posts soon. Working on the promised tops for my dorm staff girls today and back to work this afternoon...good times!

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