Monday, August 29, 2011

Birthday Shopping

Just a quick post before I start my day. It's my day off, Tom is starting a double shift so I have 48 hours to sew clean the house (yeah right!). I have big plans in the studio. There are jobs on the horizon, but Vogue 1250 is cut out, I changed the thread color on the serger the other day, so why not get busy with it? We spent the day at the state fair yesterday and had a great time looking at the animals, the exhibits, watched a timber show and ate fair food! Does anyone else get inspired by looking at other's work? I was surprised by the grand champion quilt though. It was a king size, meticulously quilted piece, but oddly my critical eye spotted one little section that the artist did not quilt. It was a geometric piece and it was not like that omission was planned. I would be horrified to see my quilt hanging and see that unquilted section. Evidently the judges missed it, or thought it was great in spite of it. We looked for something fun to send Colt for his birthday, but nothing special jumped out. When we got home I had an epiphany and this is what I ordered for him:
Grandpa approved. We saw a cute 6 volt fire truck that the reviews said was easy enough for a child his age, but he has enough get up and go without a motorized vehicle! Can't wait to see him again! Okay, it's off to get some sewing done! Happy Monday everyone!

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