Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pitbull Skirt

Here is a picture of my friend Nancy in her ridiculous Pitbull skirt I made for her. She added the bling collar and chain leash. She looked smashing, as did the other folks (and canines) I outfitted! As for my sewing progress, I have been trying to clear the studio of customer work...seems I get something done and another job magically appears. Not complaining, mind you...I just want to stitch up my Vogue 1250! I'm very excited to see if mine looks as fabulous as everyone elses. I'm a little late to the party on this pattern, but I always wait to see what the "cool kids" are doing! La Pine homestead is coming along nicely inspite of the mega migraine headache from hell I had on Sunday. I kept telling Tom..."I'm fine". It was pretty clear I was NOT fine, but he took good care of me and Monday I was actually able to be of some use to him. Today I had several errands to run before work, including a dental appointment. Ed comes in to check my teeth after Cheryl had cleaned them and said "Guess what? The Cowsills have gotten back teogether and are doing a reunion concert!" WTH??? He was all excited about the great news. Well, I guess compared to what the stock market is doing, it is pretty good news! I heart my dentist...he never fails to make me laugh! Hope you've had a good laugh today!


gMarie said...

What are you going to make your V1250 from? I've bought that pattern too - but I'm afraid the belly will really stand out - I'm going to make it anyway - just not sure what fabric to use. g

Maryissewfast said...

Hey Gaylen, I am using an ITY knit print from I'm not sure if it will be too clingy. The front and back skirt are all one piece, so we'll see if it stands out too much. I'm thinking I can adjust at the side seam if need be. I think Sharon made some adjustments to get a better fit.