Sunday, September 16, 2012

Whoo-Hoo!!! Guess who turned 2?

Yep...our little man is growing up. Look at that happy boy!
He is really talking well and is a little parrot! Sara was telling me a story and exclaimed "Oh my God..."in the background I heard this sweet little voice repeat "Oh my God!!!" with perfect inflection! Gotta be careful what you say around that guy!
In sewing news...the fabric and pattern have been picked for my make it work challenge. I did pattern adjustments last night and will cut it out today before heading to work, Maybe I'll even get some sewing done. Did any of you see the BMV sale? Vogues are even cheaper than you can buy at the best JoAnn's sale. I have been on a pattern fast, but that might cause me to fall off the wagon! It's not even worth it to get in the car to drive to JoAnn's! Later Kittens...the fabric is calling my name!

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