Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012...A Year in Review

Nah, I'm not doing one of those posts! By the looks of my closet I have not been very productive at the machine this year. Tom made the comment that I might be surprised if I really put a count to it, but I'm not that into counting. The mojo has returned and I have added some wearable garments recently, but most of 2012 was spent working on our property, our new house (okay, there has been a bunch of home dec sewing around the new house) and just working!

I did sit down after dinner and turned that darn heel the first go round. Sometimes when a project is whipping you distance is the best remedy to the problem. Now it's smooth sailing to the toe. I love my Chia Goo needles because the yarn just glides off of them...I hate my Chia Goo needles because the yarn just glides off of them...see my dilemma???

Today is another football day for sure. It appears that Tom did not sleep well again last night as evidenced by the computer monitor turned off. Poor guy. I got a solid 6 hours thanks to Tylenol PM. I used to think my Mom was addicted to the stuff...turns out you just don't sleep as well when you get older and sometimes you need a little help! The things they don't tell you...well, I think I'm done with the computer...time to fire up the sew machine and go. Later Kittens...


marysews said...

I plan to do a review, and have no idea what I will find. Probably some small numbers.

We've been using melatonin to get to sleep. We take the smallest pill we could find, cut it in half - one half for me, one half for DH, which is enough for us. Apparently there is such a thing as too much of this.

gMarie said...

Glad you won the war with the heel. I love slick needles and hate them at the same time so I get it.

I'm thinking about a year in review, but I didn't do much sewing until the October when I made 7 dresses or some such thing. :) g