Thursday, October 24, 2013

Is it Friday Yet?

Wow! It feels like this week has been dragging on forever! Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday and my Sweetie is coming home. We are under 30 days til he is home for good and no more commutes over the mountain! I could be sewing, but here I sit watching the World Series and contemplating what to fix for dinner. I ordered some yummy Italian jersey from FabricMart and also purchased a couple bundles. I love the mystery of a fabric bundle. I received about 3 yards of a gorgeous coral ponte and a silky fabric that I thought was black in bad light, but discovered it is actually a rich dark green. Perfect for the holidays! Also there was a beautiful small plaid with purple threads running through. Lately I have been digging purple. Never had been crazy about purple like some folks, but now it's "my color". My stethoscope died last week...what did I order? Yep! A purple Littman! Can't wait til it gets here. Been using my old Sprague Rappaport from nursing school...that's an antique for sure. Tom's gun safe has finally been delivered so my master closet will be done soon hopefully! Moving ain't for sissies, I'm telling ya! Well, the Red Sox just took the lead, so I better go cook some dinner before I waste away! Catch you later!

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Judith said...

Well Down Under Friday is all but finished! The working day is ticked off and it is now well into the evening, which is blog-catching-up-night! Enjoy your Friday tomorrow ... J