Wednesday, October 23, 2013

US BurdaStyle

Like many of my sewing buddies, I became disillusioned with Burda when they started making changes to their format. I let my subscription go a couple years ago and hadn't really missed it much. Last Sunday I was web surfing and saw that a US version of BurdaStyle had been released and it piqued my interest. Monday I had to go to Bend for a meeting, so I treated myself to a stop at JoAnns and picked up a copy. It was like when I first discovered Burda World of Fashion! There are several styles I can't wait to make. Have you checked it out yet? Discuss amongst yourselves!

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Caroline said...

I was impressed too - I think they've picked some really strong pattens from Fall 2012 and packaged them in a budget conscious but still impressive package. I have copies of all those patterns already (due to my subscription), so I won't be buying it. I hope it catches on - I think non-Burda subscribers will really like it!