Sunday, July 16, 2023

Has it Really Been Over 2 Years?

 Wow! I was reading my blogger feed and recently one of the bloggers I followed back in the day has resurfaced.  In responding to her post, I checked on my blog because I needed the url to identify myself. 2 years since I last posted! Over 2 years! We were in the midst of covid vaccines and isolation...ugh! Certainly things have improved! So is Mary still Sewfast? Yes and no...I still sew and am pretty efficient about it. Being retired,  there isn't that urgency to get things done so I have something new to wear to work or a job for hire. I limit who I sew for these days and try to do so with more intention.  I don't feel a tremendous urge to buy fabric like I used to (say what???), but i think that may be due in part that i have a well curated stash that i can shop day or night. There is a bittersweet joy in discovering a beautiful fabric in your stash that has been languishing for years and hasn't been sewn into a much loved garment. I hope to remedy that problem.  Patterns are another issue.  I have many, some are too small now, and probably could make anything I wanted between the patterns and my Burda collection.  I also am in 2 subscription services and am enjoying a new pattern every month. Closet Core patterns fit me really well, once I nail down the right size to make (I'm looking at you Nicks dress and top! I eventually settled on size 10, and anyone who knows me IRL knows that ship sailed a long time ago 🤣) I recently joined the Cashmerette club and am really digging their vibe right now. Itch to Stitch is starting their weekly summer sale this week...sigh. Love Kennis too!

Well, you may be wondering what I've been up to these last few years (or not...) We have spent winters at our friend's ranch for the last 3 years since I retired.  We kinda work, but not really.  It's our home away from home...we lost our 2 pomeranians during the covid years and were dogless for quite awhile.  Tom wasn't sure we would have another dog again. I wasn't really feeling that, but I did have to grieve for a long time and still miss Jo and Sam to this day.  I was so bad, I left their little nose sprints on the window where they watched out the driveway.  Did not even think of the optics of it, but some friends stayed at our house while we were at the ranch and Janice cheerfully texted me "I washed your windows for you!" It was a good thing, because then I could start to move forward,  but I thought "Man! She must think I am really a crappy housekeeper!" 🤔 Anywho...I am happy to report we do have another dog in our life now. Blue is a charcoal lab that needed us as much as we needed him, and it's worked out beautifully! Here is a picture of Blue to end this post, because we all like blog posts with pictures. I will try to not make it another 2 years before I check in again!

He seems pretty content...don't you think?


Lisa Laree said...

Welcome back to the blogsphere! So good to see a post! And Blue looks like a keeper. ;-)

Debbie Cook said...

Welcome back from a fellow re-surfacer! Here's a toast to both of us toward keeping it going. We've had some pup losses over the last few years too. Never can fill the particular hole they leave, but we're trying as we're now up 2 more, for a total of 4 between me and Alex (different houses now).

JustGail said...

I hear you on the fabrics & patterns never made. For me it's a bunch intended to make casual jackets & blazers to upgrade my work wardrobe. Never got that far, now I've been retired for almost 3 years so don't need them. So many patterns bought with good intentions.
Sorry about the dogs that have gone over the rainbow. Blue looks quite happy to be with you now though.
Anyway, Welcome Back to blogging! I hope you find a schedule to post that works for you.

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