Friday, July 25, 2008

Sale Alert!!! Sale Alert!!!

If you are on a fabric diet, don't read any further!!! (Yeah, right!!!) Ann at Gorgeous Fabrics is having a terrific sale on knits. I had been lusting over her fabrics and waiting for a good reason to buy something (see previous post). Anyway, I could resist no longer with a sale like this. Since I've already bought my fabric, I thought I'd share the love so you all can go shopping too! Can't wait to see what great things YOU buy!!! Cheers!!!


Kat said...

Okay. I *did* read further ;) . But I didn't open up a new browser for Gorgeous Fabrics LOL. I am on a fabric diet--gotta use up those PR Weekend fabrics, even though I've actually bought more fabric two recently at my local B&M fabric store. If I don't open up a browser and take a look, I'll be okay :) .

Sewfast said...

Good plan Kat! I'm proud of you!!! :) Mary