Monday, July 7, 2008

Music Monday

I was all prepared for Music Monday this morning. A song came on the radio that reminded me of an email my darling daughter sent me a couple of months ago. The subject line was "Guess what I'm doing tonight? Everybody's doing it" When I opened it up, it launched into "Everybody have fun tonight...Everybody Wang Chung tonight!" Being a sweet child of mine in the 80's, she knew I would totally get it and love it (I did!!!) At dinner tonight I asked the students at my table how their day went, and one of them said "I"ve seen better days..." I inquired what had went wrong and he said, "Oh no, I was talking about the song", which prompted me to break into song. They then asked me to stop. That started the conversation about blogging and Music Monday, which had to be about Better Days and Dylan wanted credit. So this one's for you Dylan! Better Days was done by a group from Wisconsin called Citizen King. Their music was featured on television shows (Malcom in the Middle), movies (a remix was part of the Gone in 60 Seconds Soundtrack) and video games. Funny how these songs just stick to a person. I personally am Wang Chunging tonight, but then again...I am old!!!

On the sewing front, I finished a job for hire this morning. One of our trainer's standard poodle ate through her soft crate, so I fixed the holes and repaired the zipper. After I finished and put the frame back in Figaro had to inspect my work. He gave it 2 paws up.
I am the resident embroidery and repair person on our campus. I get alot of work by word of mouth. It's usually small jobs that no one else would be bothered with, but I don't mind. It's not my main source of income and I enjoy a challenge. I received happy mail today...BWOF 7/07 that I won off ebay arrived today (note to self...must leave good feedback) as well as a big mondo box from How do they make any money? I got in on the $3.95 shipping special they had a few weeks ago and bought about $25.00 worth of fabrics (I'm a sucker for the $1.95/yd clearance). Anyhoo. the shipping on this big fatty box was almost $33.00!!! I hope things don't change dramatically with Amazon taking over, because I am really doing well with this deal. Anyway, I am loving all the fabric I purchased and it is all telling me what it wants to be. I cut out the fashion fabric for my McCalls dress and need to press the lining so I can cut it out. I bought some piping for the dress this morning and need to dig in the zipper stash for a zip. I'm sure there is something appropriate in there. I have a few more summer pieces to knock out and then the focus will be on Fall garments. I am sew enjoying making my own clothes. My plan is to sew the night away and watch the final few episodes of Season 2 Project Runway...shhh! Don't tell me how it ends!!!

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Kat said...

As a die-hard 80's music fan (my age is apparent ;) ), I sure can appreciate that music. In fact, I've been downloading songs off I-tunes for my MP3 player (which just broke!), but at least they're burned to a CD, too, so my kids are subjected to 80's "oldies" while in my van.