Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Moving right along...

The dress is coming...I spent a couple hours last night fiddling with the bodice to get the fit I wanted. I will save the diatribe about the fit issues with the "Big 4". It's a crap shoot. I have had some things fit really well straight out of the envelope and then again sewn a garment using the size that matches the measurements and had some crazy results. I ended up completely redrafting and cutting a new front piece as the pattern version was just too wide. I cut it down almost 2 inches, but in the process discovered a design element that I may incorporate if I make another one. The next one will be a more casual version made out of a nice cotton. The bodice fits nicely now and the straps won't be sliding off my shoulder, which would totally make the dress a wadder. I can't stand anything that takes that much attention to stay on my body. I should wear the clothes, not them wear me!!!
This post was briefly interrupted for a phone call from an old friend. Yesterday I had a few minutes free before heading into my office and so I gave Pat a call and left her a message. Tonight she called me back and we caught up for over an hour. Thank goodness for cell phones. When I bought my previous house I moved out of the local calling area from Pat. I had one helluva phone bill one month for someone I worked with and saw almost every day! Crazy!!! Tomorrow is my day off and Tom has returned from his trip to go back to work. I need to do some shopping, but the priority of the day is FINISH THE DRESS!!! 3 days til the concert!!!

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