Monday, February 7, 2011

More Grandma Sewing

I was planning to sew for me today, but what the heck? I sewed some more things for Colt today. It's a Grandma thing!!! I made a taggie blanket...
And a case for the shopping cart cover/harness I got him. I thought it would be much handier to have a nice case to keep it in along with their shopping bags. I went searching through my stash and found a package of IKEA fabric I forgot I had. I think someone gave it to me, but wherever it came from, it was perfect for the project at hand. I measured and folded the fabric into a sack shape, rounded the flap edge, serged around from side to side, finished the edge with some bias tape and then stitched on some velcro for a closure...easy, peasy! 
I realized while digging through the stash that I really don't need to fabric shop to get that thrill. There are a lot of fabrics in there that I forgot about that give me the same thrill all over as when I first obtained them. Maybe that's one of the perks of getting old! Think I'll go upstairs and "fabric shop" some more!

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gwensews said...

There you go again! Babies love those taggie blankies.