Monday, October 24, 2011

BMV Sale Alert!!!

BMV is having a 3 day October sale...I wanted to pick up Vogue 1250 for Sara, so what better excuse to buy patterns? I picked up McCall's 6282 and Vogue 8603 because no pattern should travel alone! I am really thinking capes...I've been seeing them everywhere and almost bought the Rebecca Turbow McCall's 6446, but I know I have a ton of capes in my BWOF magazines and how easy is it to trace out a cape? Off to the vets with the big guy...just routine vaccinations and a conversation about whether it's time to start Rimadyl for our senior. He isn't complaining, but he is awful stiff at times and sometimes has trouble with the stairs. He does pretty well for a 12 year old BIG dog!

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Marjie said...

Your furry pal there is just adorable! Now I need to check out the BMV sale. I keep meaning to join up. One of these days I might even do so!