Sunday, March 2, 2008

I am Starving to Death

What does that have to do with sewing? Nothing really, unless you consider that my size must be swindling away and that means alterations...well, that probably is not reality, but for some odd reason I am just famished. It may be the smell of Tandoori chicken kabobs coming out of the kitchen, or maybe I am just bored. maybe a spot of tea will tame my appetite. Now that the hunger issue has been explored, let's talk about sewing! The gray fleece jacket is done. I sewed the buttonholes last night. I sampled a couple of different types and decided on the oval shape. I used 2 layers of black tear away stabilizer underneath the fleece to minimize the stretch. The machine malfunctions on the first buttonhole, starting the second side about halfway. Grrrr! I ripped what I sewed and started again, this time with greater success. I made this jacket as a wearable muslin and am pleased with the end results. I will definitely do this view over again in a thinner fleece so I can double the ruffle as the pattern instructs. I have another view cut out and in the queue to sew up. It should sew quickly. I also need to get cracking on my quilt block swap. I am a month ahead, but we meet next Sunday so if I don't start working on it I will just be at par, or egads, worst yet...fall behind!!! I am feeling a little ambivalent...must be that low blood sugar...better go eat!!! :)

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