Monday, March 31, 2008

Music Monday

Music is a big part of my life. Not that I am particularly musical...I have a guitar, but my playlist consists of song...and nobody wants to hear me play "What do you do with a drunken Sailor" ever again. I sing...poorly...but I enjoy the heck out of it and try to do it when I'm alone. My favorite place to sing is out in the garden with my mp3 player tuned in and the weeds a'flying! I like to dance and play air guitar too while I'm at it. (My playlist is endless on the air guitar) Sometimes my solitude is interupted when my husband's buddies show up at the house. One morning I was having a whale of a good time in the garden when I looked up to see three men laughing uncontrollably. I gave them the social finger salute and kept on gardening...It's my perogative (which is another song!) However, I digress. Music Monday was born in the echoes of my sleepy mind last night. I love Flashback Fridays and totally am into Dogs on Thursday. Music Monday is an easy write for me because I love so many types of music and music identifies a period of my life for me. Today's picture was taken Mother's Day 2000. It features me, my lovely daughter Sara at age 18 and Brad, the drummer from Third Eye Blind. I took Sara and her BFF Celeste. The show was in Eugene, Oregon at the Hult center and we splurged and spent the night at the Hilton. We dressed up for a pre-concert supper at the hotel restaurant (the name escapes me) and then headed over to the venue for the concert. The girls quickly realized they were overdressed when they saw most of the other kids were in shorts and flip-flops, so they opted to return to the room to change their clothes. I opted to stay and enjoy my glass of wine, because as a 40+ year old woman, I wasn't out to impress anyone. As fate would have it, the girls ran into some of the band lighting crew in the elevator and scored back stage passes for us after the show. Across the lobby I hear Celeste screaming "Tell me you love me Mary" as they rejoined me. A good time was had by all that night and it was really a good distraction during those tense teen years. Third Eye Blind music really spoke to me then...especially their debut album. It was a rough era for me and the song "Narcolepsy" really epitomized how I felt at the time..."I'm on a train...but there's no one at the helm...and the demons in my brain...start to overwhelm"...Thank God that is not my current them song ( Trace's "You're gonna miss this" might be closer today), but it still is comforting to listen to my "old songs" and realize how far I've come. Maybe my music will be a link if I ever develop dementia (remember this runs on my side of the me the Violent Femmes...and Peter Frampton...okay?) Anyway, tune in next week for another Music Monday...who knows what I'll be rockin' next week!

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