Monday, March 17, 2008

Kiss me...I'm Irish!!!

Well, partly Irish anyway...I'm a Cady as my Grandma would say...My sweet Irish lass Sara gets it from both sides...Pop was a Fitzgerald! Tomorrow is Sara's baby is turning 26! My how time flies. I am working long hours today...>15, so probably not much sewing will occur tonight, but I have the next 3 days off, so I hope to get some things done. I have traced several BWOF patterns, the wrap top 116 and white blouse 108 from 1/08; blouse 119A from 2/08 and I hope to trace 116B to sew up as well. I found a beautiful embroidered remnant that would look awesome...Sara suggested I line it with a rich contrasting color for the collar...I tell you...that girl has creativity in her genes!!! Haven't heard from my cowboy yet, but I'm sure he will call when he's high on some ridge and has a good signal. Well, I'd best get to tracing...Later

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S Sews said...

"a Cady" ...I never heard that before .

Happy birthday to your baby! Isn't it amazing how quickly the time goes by?