Monday, August 4, 2008

Music new boyfriend

Ain't he cool? I'm going out on tour with him...we're headed to Ventura, California. I'll send you post scripts from the road...oh wait...wake up's morning!!! Dang, that is one fine looking man!!! Just home for a minute from the Oregon Jamboree. I have more pictures than that, but we are heading out this morning to go camping, fishing, and visiting friends in Central Oregon, so I will have to give you all the detail of a great Jamboree weekend later. Our seats are towards the back in the VIP section, but they allow you to go up front to take a couple pictures. There were a whole bunch of people standing up at the stage, so I didn't think I would get to take close up pictures, but my darling husband encouraged me to go up anyway. When I stopped to talk to the security person, she said "go on up, but just stay to the left in case of fire" You mean, I get to stay up there? I leaned over to another woman standing next to me and said "I hope my husband doesn't expect me to come back" and I stayed up front for the whole concert!!! My heart was just a pounding. Tom was laughing when I returned after the concert was over. He said "I seen you dancing up there and your smile was shining so bright...I knew you weren't coming back!!!" I love my hunny!!! Anyway...Trace was awesome, and if you see him in concert, ask him about his new girlfriend Mary!!!

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