Monday, August 18, 2008

What day is it???

I really need to stop turning on the Olympics coverage when I get home from work. I was up til 1:30 this morning. Thank goodness I work evenings this end of the week, so it wasn't like I had to be up at the crack of dawn, but seriously I am too old to be burning the midnight oil. I am more of a morning person anyway. So I arose around 8:00 (the pets have their routine that can't be messed with!) and was showered with a thunder storm during Jo's constitutional and the walk down to get the paper. A wave of energy overtook me this morning that resulted in the refrigerator getting completely emptied and cleaned out. That felt so good, I transferred all the frozen food from the big freezer to the little chest freezer so I could defrost it before Tom comes home with his antelope (the power of positive thinking!!!) The ice should be gone by morning so I can wipe it out and reorganize the food. All this was done before heading to work at noon! No wonder I'm tired! Then it will be all sewing. I applied the collar to the bodice of my retro dot "costume" last night (while I was watching Olympics). I followed the pattern directions...this pattern is circa late 40's or early 50''s amazing the detailed instructions that came with older patterns and the fit...clothes seem much more tailored from that era than the patterns we have today. I traced out my Jalie Sweetheart top too. This is my first time sewing a Jalie, but I think it will be good. I have 3 days off this week...all to myself...lets see what I can accomplish!


Kat said...

What day is it? Sewing day, of course :) . Every day is sewing day. And it sounds like you're getting some sewing done so that always make for a nice day.

Amy said...

Sometimes it feels good to clean and organize! then you don't feel so guilty sitting at the machine right? There is a Goodwill store by my house that has thousands of old patterns...I will look for some for you...any particular style, size? etc? Amy

Maryissewfast said...

You are sew right could I forget every day is sewing day!!!! Thank you Amy for your offer to find more vintage patterns for all honesty, I probably have more patterns than is truly necessary (even by our standards) I am trying to downsize and organize that part of my life now...hence the pattern giveaway contest. Is there any particular style vintage patterns you girls are looking for? I have more to give away!!!