Thursday, August 21, 2008

When it pours

It has been really rainy the last couple days, which is not entirely unusual for the Pacific Northwest. It has been great for the garden, and I turned the sprinklers off a few days ago...looks like I will be turning them back on in the next few days. The rain is also a metaphor for hard times. My Honda decided she didn't want to run today. She coughed a little when I started her this morning, but she got me around town to do my errands...I got gas, checked the mail, returned some library items and picked up some new books. When I got home I decided to vacuum out the car, so I pulled up to the shop door and vacuumed it out. I did not expect that annoying clicking noise and no fire when I tried to start it to take it on up to the house. Sounds like a battery issue. The silver lining is that she decided to die at home rather than somewhere else. Papa Bear won't be home until tomorrow night, so that means I need to take Lil Blue, the '86 Toyota 4x4 pickup, to work. I had not ever drove Lil Blue, so I took her for a test drive and a gas fill (Tom does not trust the gas gauge...he has ran out of gas before). I am very thankful that I have this option and don't have to arrange other transportation to work tomorrow. Sewing has been good today...I finished placing the zipper in the dot costume and all that is left is the handwork...that will be done later during the Olympics. I made one set of waterbed sheets this afternoon and should be able to crank out the other set tomorrow after work. I have been watching old musicals while I sew..."The King and I" yesterday and "Hello Dolly" today...this afternoon was "Pure Country"...well, it's not officially a musical, but there is singing in there and besides, it's gentleman George Strait, so it counts for me (I love the ponytail!!!) Dinner break is over...back to the machines!!!


Kat said...

Well, at least it was a productive day, right? I hate cars, and yes, it is great that it waited to conk out when you got home. That is lucky :) !

My kids are going back to school in little over a week, and I can't wait! I can listen to my favorite singer John Mayer as much as I want. Which is like all the time. They always complain so much about having to listen to JM music that I've had to listen to other things to avoid their whining about it.

Maryissewfast said...

Yeah...I remember those days waiting for school to start. It's funny, once the kiddos are out of school you get out of that routine and think in terms of the actual seasons! Mary

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