Sunday, August 17, 2008

Peaches...a pattern giveaway contest

What does peaches have to do with sewing and what's that you say about a pattern giveaway??? I have been busy this last week canning peaches, which has kept me from what I really want to be doing...SEWING. I also have been sorting through my supply of vintage and not so vintage patterns and decided to have a little contest to give some away. Here is the the title of the song and the alternative group that sang this song. The first person to correctly answer this question will receive some patterns in their size and style that they me, I think I can accomodate!!! So good are the lyrcs:
"Movin' to the country, Gonna eat a lot of peaches"
In other news, we have been searching for the perfect retirement property in Central Oregon, more specifically in the La Pine area. We thought we had found it, but our real estate agent presented us with some more properties to look at and now we aren't sure. It sure is fun though to look and think about where we will spend our final days. I will probably end up working longer than my hunny, as he can retire from the fire service in 5 years.
I actually did some sewing yesterday after work. It was too blooming hot to do anything outside, so Jo and I stayed inside where the AC kept things nice and cool. A friend brought me 3 drum bags to embellish and personalize for her upcoming vision quest, so that was the first order of business. I had purchased the most perfect designs from Embroidery Library, so it was an easy project. I had to search through my design archives for one of my friends who wanted a tribal design and found a cool bear symbol design that had textured patchwork incorporated in it. It screamed "she who quilts", which is another one of Margie's interests, so that's what she got. While the embroidery machine was humming away I worked on my polka dot retro "costume" dress. My husband refers to it as the costume because the guy who cut the fabric out for me said "what are you making...a costume". Now every time I buy fabric my husband comments "that'll make a nice costume"...HA HA! Not long into it, my Brother died (my machine that is...not my real live brother). The piece that attaches the needle bar to the crank broke and so the crank moves, but the needle does not. So to the shop she went this morning. Not to worry trust 40+ year old Singer roared into action and the creative train does not need to stop for repairs. I have another New Home machine behind that one, and if worse comes to worse, I can bust out the treadle. I stopped at JoAnn's on my way to work because I needed some more embroidery thread and thread was on sale for 50% off. I also made a quick pass through the clearance bolts, as they were 50% too. I picked up a nice red gauze for $1.00 yard; a nice embroidered peach linen for the outrageous price of $1.50 yard (took the whole bolt of that as well) and then finished my fabric feast with a black and white cotton print for $2.00 yard that could be leaves, but looks almost zebra-ish that came as two pieces. There was not a 4 yard piece on the bolt, so I took what was there and the gal actually cut me a break as she charged me for less than I actually got. I smiled and said thank you. I also picked up some patterns (shhh!!! don't tell Tom...I'm supposed to be getting rid of patterns...not buying more). At $1.00 a pattern on sale, how could I say no? Besides, I made almost double what I spent doing the drum bags, so it all works out. (I can justify anything!!!) Anywho...I got Simplicity 4076 which is a wrap, a twist and a basic T like the Ottobre T. I have similar wrap and twist patterns, but I really like the basic Ottobre style and think it will become a TNT T- shirt. Next I picked up Simplicity 2936 which is a 6 made easy blouse pattern that has some interesting details. The sleeves are raglan with variation on the finishing and an optional collar. I'm thinking the embroidered peach linen would be great for this...I'm leaning towards view C. Lastly I fell in love with Simplicity 3789, a Khaliah Ali Collection pattern. Look at the pleating detail on the sleeve of view C. View B is a nice clean princess line blouse. I think this will be a TNT too if the fit works (Make it Work, Mary!!!) So that's what's happening in the sewing studio in the near future.
The rain is supposed to return tomorrow, for a refreshing change. My garden will appreciate it. The weather has been so hot, the watering has not been cutting it and we have been cautious since we ran out of water last year. Most of that was a pump problem, but I also forgot to turn the sprinkler off one night, which did not help. This year (knock wood) things have been fine, but once you have had to shower other places than the privacy of your own home...not good!!! The garden is producing quite well this year. The cabbage has all been harvested except for a couple of smaller heads I left in the ground to mature a bit longer. I don't need to do kraut this year, so I am sharing my bounty with friends. The green beans need picking again tomorrow (hope the rain holds off for this task) and the lettuce and broccoli are about done. Still waiting for the tomatoes to ripen, but there are some nice big ones on the bushes. The squash and cucumbers are going crazy...Zucchini anyone? I give it away every opportunity I get...I used to stuff it in Hayden's diaper bag when he would come for a visit. His Mommy is not working now, but I told the kids that they still need to bring him by to visit with Uncle Tom and Aunt Mary. They need to go on a date!
How about that Michael Phelps? We have been enjoying the Olympic coverage...staying up way too late, but it's hard to turn the TV off with so much action going on. I would love to go to the Olympics...maybe when they come to Vancouver B.C.? That would be fun (and expensive!)
Wow, I haven't blogged in awhile and it seems like the words are just flowing through my fingers! Thanks for hanging in on this long post (those of you who have not clicked away!) Name that tune and artist and win some patterns...Free is a very good price!


Cindy said...

OMG..... Presidents Of The USA and the name is "Peaches" I think. I heard this song just the other day and my DS and I were just cracking up. Pretty good music apart from the sily lyrics.

Maryissewfast said...

Congratulations Cindy!!! You are the winner. I sent you an email regarding your prize. Thanks for playing! Mary

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