Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A New Start...

Today we took another step towards our future. My 50th birthday is fast approaching and the plan was to take a fishing trip to Alaska to celebrate, but on further consideration I told my Hunny I would prefer to defer that trip and buy a 5th wheel trailer to put on the LaPine property where we are going to build our retirement home. We have been voraciously scouring Craigslist and spent a day looking at trailers on lots. Tom called on this one yesterday and made arrangements for us to meet the couple this morning. They are the most delightful people! In their 70's (though you wouldn't know it) and downsizing, they are liquidating some of their toys. This trailer turned out to be the perfect fit for our needs. Not a fancy one, although it was top of the line in it's day, it's sturdy and sound with now leaks and comes with the 5th wheel hitch, which would have cost us at least another $500.00.
And it was affordable for our budget and we didn't have to incur any debt to purchase it! Love that part! It was well taken care of and has all the amenities that we require. The bathroom is good size for a trailer of it's length and has a big closet that lights up when the doors are opened. (Not a requirement, but nice) This will be home base as we clear the land and work towards our retirement dreams. I probably won't be able to quit working for quite some time, but hey, a nurse can find work anywhere. I'm so excited. Now I am busy planning on embroidering towels and potholders, making a new quilt for the bed (even though the comforter on the bed is perfectly good, it's not Mary made with love good) Must crochet a new afghan for the sofa...I love setting up house!!! As for sewing news, as this is a blog about...sewing...I cut out one blouse and plan to cut out another tonight. Tomorrow is duty day, so if I get my chores done early, I can sew all day and into the night!!! Yay!!! Off to work now to make the almighty buck!

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Julia said...

How wonderful that you are looking toward retirement. I retired a year and a half ago. I am now working part time. Much better. I taught school 32 years and can't get it out of my blood so I'm now a math interventionist 3 days a week and loving it. However, I did get used to having all of my days to sew if I wanted and now I have to really plan ahead again. Julia