Saturday, January 31, 2009

Welcome Back

Disclaimer: The following post contains a discussion about poo. If talk of poo offends you, please skip this post.

I had a few days off from work this week. I was sick one day and then my normal days off. I really love my job and the people I work with. I have met some truly inspirational people in my work; people who have taught me that visual impairment doesn't have to be a disability, it's just the way it is and they don't let it stop them from doing what they want to do. When you work around a group of visually impaired people, inevitably there are sometimes collisions. We take precautions with padding around poles that could be ran into; guidelines about always traveling on the right side of the hallway so that you don't have a head-on with oncoming traffic (I sometimes give gentle reminders to people who forget and wander down the middle of the hall...Pick a side already!!!) Some of you also know I had a sled dog kennel back in the day, so I am no stranger to dog poo. I was totally unprepared for what happened yesterday. One of our first duties of the day is to go out to the relieving circle with the students when they take their dogs out to do their business. It's a nice way to check in, see how everyone is doing and find out if anybody needs any nursing assistance. At the end of a long bench outside the door is the Poop Bucket. In the beginning the instructors scoop the poop as the student and their dog are becoming a team, but at this point in class, it's DIY clean up. So there I am, minding my own business chatting up the resident advisor, when a student starts heading in. I feel someone reach out and touch my shoulder and SMACK! Bag of poo upside the head!!! Now before you start gagging, it was neatly tied up and no actual poo got on me, but imagine my surprise!!! Nothing says "welcome back, we missed you" like a bag o' poo!!! I just had to give the student a hard time (it actually was pretty funny) and since he shared a link to his blog with me, I told him "I am so blogging about this!" So that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

In sewing news, I cut out 2 dresses and one skirt Thursday night...all BWOF projects. The Tippi Heddron dress (as dubbed by Trena), BWOF 5/2008 #104 (sorry no BWOF website doesn't seem to give me pictures any more???) and a high waisted skirt I can't remember the magazine or number, but will come forth with the info when I finish and review the pattern. 104 is almost done. It was pretty simple to put together. I had to alter the band across the front as it was way to big and did not hug my curves like I wanted it to. I think the fabric stretched a little with finishing, but not the 3 1/2 to 4 inches I lopped off! I think it is going to be a fun little dress to wear and I plan to make a coordinating jacket so it will be a work friendly outfit (no sleeveless allowed!) No sewing was done yesterday after work because Tom had an appointment with the eye surgeon re: Lasik surgery. Good news, he is a candidate and we have him scheduled. We opted for the PRK procedure which is done on the surface of the cornea rather than the option of having a flap of the cornea sliced open. The down side is a little bit longer recovery, but the result will be the same and it is safer for people who are in professions or do activities where the eye could be hit. Working as a fireman or one good scope bite when hunting could be really bad. So that's the exciting goings on at Casa de Deeter. The eye clinic is right next door to a JoAnn's (how convenient) so I had to do a quick pass after our appointment. I did really well...I only spent $4.00 for 4 yards (yes I said 4) of this bright cheery flowery/butterfly print in purples and pinks. It is a nice medium weight cotton and was marked $1.00 yard. I thought it was a mistake, but the gal at the cutting counter confirmed that it was the correct price. I asked for a couple yards as I thought I might make a nice spring bag with it, but the gal lopped off 4 yards and at the price I thought...that's fine...I'm sure I will use it. The print has a retro feel to it, so I may even make a dress out of it. (Tom says "Oh can pull that off"...I think he's being sarcastic!!!) The gal at the checkout counter thought it was pretty cool too and I think she probably took a chunk of it home too. I have to laugh when I buy fabric and they ask "So what are you making?" and I don't know. you always have a purpose in mind when you buy fabric, or do you just buy what appeals to you? Maybe I will put this up in poll form. I am trying to be more techno-savvy this year. Well that's about it for this installment...hope you all enjoy your super bowl weekend whatever your plans may be.


Alexandra said...

That was a funny story! Visually impaired people can be amazingly inspiring: my blind aunt taught me to knit when I was eight, fixing my mistakes and all. I didn't realize until many years later what a feat that was.

Julia said...

I usually know what I'm going to make when I buy fabric. Sometimes I get it home and change my mind, though, and then make something completely different.
It is amazing what the vision impaired can do, as well as, the hearing impaired. I have a precious 5th grader who has had coclear (sp?) implants. She is so smart.

Kat said...

Poo does not offend me LOL. I've been puked on, dealt with massive diarrhea, big bloody noses many times with my kids, and have walked around with boogies/wiped noses on my shirt hems for many years. In fact, I have no problem eating and talking about gross things at the same time, although my husband won't stand for it. (He doesn't have the strong stomach that he thinks he has ;) .)

That's cool about your projects and getting a lot done. Looking forward to some pics soon. Let me know how the LASIC goes since I'm always chicken about it. I'm a good candidate, but when contacts work well it's hard to bring myself to getting the eye surgery.

On fabric, usually I have an intention, but not always. Leather is like that. If I have a chance to visit a leather store, I will buy what strikes my fancy knowing it will get used in some project. The first PR Weekend I went to I bought what I liked. The second one I definitely had a plan. PR Weekend was so overwhelming with fabric that I definitely needed a plan.

Maryissewfast said...

Are you planning to come to the Portland PR weekend this spring? I usually work weekends but I'm sure I can make other arrangements. I'm so excited!!! Mary

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary. I'm not sure if you remember me or not. I was in the continuing assessment class in February of 2007 and kind of wanted to dognap your little dog (Wasn't he a Pom? I can't remember) as well as Kim's guide. O&M issues turned out to be the problem I had instead of the health issues everyone initially thought would be the problem. Due to a crazy and hectic college schedule and the initial wait time for finding a new O&M instructor, I have only recently begun to work on the O&M issues I had when in Oregon. Now, I'm in the process of transferring to a new college which is out-of-state and am trying to figure out when in the world I can reapply to GDB. If I can convince my VR counselor to give the go-ahead for someone to teach me the layout of the Auburn campus as well as the surrounding area (It is very accessible!), then I may apply before I end up leaving. If not, it looks like it'll be another year since I won't have a break until next May. Man, has this ever been a long wait!

By the way, I linked to your blog from Jeff's and cracked up at the poop story. Doesn't he know buckets don't talk? :)

Maryissewfast said...

Hi Alyssa,
Good to hear from you. Yes, Jo is a Pom and he is still running the nursing office. Sounds like your life has been kind of crazy with school and everything. Hope you can get the O&M training done and come get a dog. Take care...Mary

Unknown said...

Hi Mary,

This is Mary Beth Randall. I was getting Sunset back in 1999 when I met you.

This was absolutely funny. Gotta love stories like this.

BTW, I now have my third dog Tennyson. Received him in September of 2007. Sunst is living with me here at home as a pet. Still as sweet as ever.

Take care,

Unknown said...

Hey Mary, saw you through Jeff's post. It is Jen and Nixon, OR109, March 2005 grad class. Can you believe this month is four years since I got Nixon? I found the poop story quite hilarious.

As an aside, if you do get more blind/vi visitors to your blog, it may be a good idea to turn off the word verification, although they have the audio version, I can't use it, my hearing is too bad now. All screen readers can't read them, as it is just a piece of graphic.

Welcome to the world of blogging.

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.