Friday, January 2, 2009

A river runs through it...

Our world, that is. New Years brought an incredible rain storm to the Pacific Northwest and the saturated ground from the recent snow melt could not withstand the rainfall. Not normally a water feature in our back yard, the tiered fruit tree orchard is now a waterfall. The patio will now be the new garden. The driveway is impassable save for 4WD and I am not even going to put any more strain on it by taking the truck out today. I think it is a good day to walk where ever I might need to go. Tom is on duty today. He took the little pick up so I could have the big truck in case of emergency. Guess the Honda will be parked safe and warm in the garage for awhile, which was getting water in it when the river was running under the house, but Tom got that shored up for the time being so that is not flowing under right now. To top it off, we got a couple of inches of snow early this morning. Crazy weather going on!!! I felt so bad for Tom last night trying to deal with all the flooding. I tried to help as much as I could, but I'm really not supposed to be lifting anything and I'm afraid the most I could do was hold the flashlight and be a gopher for the lightweight stuff. And there is more rain in the forecast!!! Yikes!!! Tom just called and said that Scott, our heavy machinery God stopped into the station and he is coming to work on our neighbors driveway and will come up ours to see what he can do! Amen!!! The sad news is that our library has a foot of water in it, so it will be closed for awhile. In sewing news, I did make it to JoAnn's yesterday and got some interesting new fabrics to work with. The pea coat is a go and Tom picked out a gorgeous knit for a sweater that is already cut out and waiting to be stitched. He has the greatest taste in fabric BTW! The fabric is all washed and ready to go...I will take some pics and post later. Hope you are all safe and DRY where you are! Mary

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