Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lazy Daze

I cannot believe it! I slept in til 9:00 am! That is really sleeping in for me! And bless my Hunny and Jo's big hearts...Tom took Jo out shortly after 6:00 am when he was getting ready to go do a frame swap. Jo came back upstairs and curled up next to me til I uncoiled from my cocoon to awaken. We then wandered down to pick up the paper and retrieve the garbage can, big fat cat trailing behind us. It cracks me up...I have this entourage in the morning...Jo on leash, Kodi wandering around behind us, usually with some kind of toy in his mouth that he drops halfway down the driveway and refuses to pick up and bring back, Figaro, the big ol' half blind geriatric toddling behind. Fig usually makes it to the gate by the time we are heading back to the house, so he turns around and starts following us back up the driveway. It's good exercise for him...the cat who has made lounging a sport! Anyway, a nice leisurely breakfast consisting of coffee and frosted mini wheats while reading the paper eased us into the day, followed by catching up with my bloggy peeps, more coffee and contemplation of the day. I think I will kick it up a notch and mow the lawn, pick some more raspberries and make some jam. What? No sewing you say? Have no fear...when it gets too warm I shall retreat to the air conditioned coolness of my sewing studio, not to come out until it's time to make dinner! You all have a pleasant day too!

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