Saturday, October 17, 2009

Date Night at the Gun Show

My Hunny and I have been together for a long time. We try to be mindful of our relationship and have "date nights" every so often. I feel it's important to get out once in awhile and just have fun together. It's good sound relationship maintenance. Date night doesn't have to be the traditional dinner and a movie (although that is fun too). I remember telling one of my visually impaired students one day that I was excited because that night was going to be date night. He responded by asking "So are you going to go stand on the corner in your hooker boots?" I was kind of taken by surprise and said "I don't know what date night is like in your household, but that's not how we do it". He sighed and said "Nah, we don't do that either...I'd probably pick up the wrong hooker anyway!" There was a gun show at the Expo and usually Tom goes with his buddies because I am working. Last night we were both free and the gun show was open til 7:00 p.m., so we headed out. It was fun. Tom had a few things on his list to pick up and a few other things he has been wanting to buy. It's nice to see that some of the stock that has been hard to find is starting to be available again and that the prices are staring to go back down. There is still a lot of anti-Obama sentiment out there and that saddens me, but then again we do have freedom of speech in this country, so everyone is entitled to their opinion. Sorry about the political moment...just an observation. Anyway, back to the gun was fun to watch Tom get all excited...kind of like me at Fabric Depot. That's what a good partnership consists of...championing each other and finding joy in their enthusiasm. So here's the question...what do you do for date night?


Myra said...

The bookstore and a babysitter for the kids. Best date night usually.

laura said...

What a sense of humor! I think you need to find some hooker boots for your next date night!

Kat said...

Mary, I remember comments like that when I was a high school teacher. The kids would always find something interesting to talk about or an interesting comment.

Date night? Can't remember what that's like LOL.