Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Break!!!

Ah!!! It is finally here! No students...finished teaching CPR to our training is good!  I have worked many a job where holiday shifts were just a fact of life.  Christmas and New Years off are a blessing! We went out last night for a wonderful italian meal and some Christmas shopping.  Basically it was shopping for the little people in our life, which is fun except for the throngs of people hanging out in the toy aisle and ToysRUs!  We were able to find some cute things, but of course from Walmart to ToysRUs one item we bought was cheaper and then this morning I open up the paper and it's cheaper yet at Freddies! all know how that chaps my thrifty hide!!!  Oh well, it's not worth driving back to town and buying, exchanging and all of that.  Probably Freddies is out of them! That's my story and I'm sticking to it!  I know that our little friends don't read my blog, so I feel free in writing about their gifts.  We got the cutest little LeapFrog Learning Dogs (Scout and Violet) for Chloe and Payton.  I tested them out in the car while waiting for Tom.  They have 14 different activities, you can personalize them and download more songs and activities at  I like toys that have some learning components to them.  Hayden's gifts are more boy rough and tumble oriented...big metal Tonka Truck that he can take outside and play with and these Incredible Hulk Sock-em hands that make noise (I think Tom really liked them, because he tested those out).  When we got home and took the packages in, there was this strange growl.  Tom asked "Did you do that?"  I was out in the yard relieving Jo...I said "No, I thought it was you!" Deja's the great Eeyore incident all over again!  (It was the Hulk...hehehe!) We bought matching camo sweat suits for Hayden and I need to come up with something clever to embroider on them.  Lots to do today...waiting for Tom to get up so I can really make some noise.  Pears to can, house to clean and I found a promising serger on Craigslist for $50.00 to go check out for Annie.  I used Trena's search tip and typed in "surger", because some people can't spell and if they can't spell it, they surely should not be using it!!! I'm hoping that no one else saw it posted last night and is a little south, so maybe it will be mine (I mean Annie's!)  I have stockings to embroider, a minor repair to a jacket and a house to clean! Well, better get off the computer and get busy...Santa's workshop is open for business.

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