Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sew Day!

It;s my day off and Tom is out delivering oil, so what's a girl to do? Sew I say! The studio is somewhat tidy after the great pattern purge of 2010, and once that was straightened around, I had to do something with the fabrics! My closet overfloweth with textile goodness, so I should just delete's daily propaganda, but I did spy some fabrics that I wanted for Colt later on in the 12 days of Christmas sale, so we'll see how my resolve is. If it's for Colt, it doesn't count, right??? Yesterday was a good day at work. I skipped over to Border's on my lunch break. Unfortunately the downtown Border's is closing soon (where will I go browse at lunchtime? H&M perhaps?), but they were having killer sales, so I picked up some books for Hayden and Chloe for Christmas and found an adorable baby sign book for Colt! I also picked up a keyboard lesson book and a great book of all the piano chords. I am determined to learn to play a musical instrument, since my voice doesn't cut it! I picked up an order for some fingerless gloves too yesterday. Those are so easy to knock out and I have a whole shelf of fleece, so no additional fabric purchase is required for this job.  One of our students also hit me up for a digitizing job for her non-profit company. That will be a fun project...Love Sherry! I have the movie Temple Grandin waiting for me at the library, so soon as 9:00 am rolls around I am hotfooting it over there and the post office...maybe my Pendrell pattern will be here! Happy Thursday y'all!


Rachel said...

I love sew days. I caved into the 1st day of Christmas yesterday and ordered some velveteen fabric. I have got to start deleting their emails.

gMarie said...

I just delete the emails. Usually without looking. Just look at the photo of the stacks of fabric .... g