Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Button, Button, who's got the Button?

I spent some quality time perusing my button collection this morning searching for the perfect buttons to finish off my retro-mod dress. The hand stitching was completed last night while we watched the Discovery channel and learned about how automatic transmissions and disk brakes were made among other things on "How it's Made" (my Hunny already knows all this stuff, but it was new information for me) I digress...back to the buttons...After looking at the dress for a few days on Valentine, I felt that some buttons on the bodice band would really finish off the look. I had envisioned something in black with some rhinestones, however I only found 1 button that looked like what I had in my minds eye, so I expanded my search to the other colors in the print. I found some perfect buttons, but not with the required trinity. I looked in my somewhat limited green drawer and there were 3 interesting shaped chartreuse colored buttons that matched the accent color of the print perfectly! I sewed them on and it was just what the dress needed. I wore it to work today (sorry, no pictures yet) with my black boots and I received lots of compliments. It's amazing how people notice when you put some effort into your appearance! I also finished some yoga pants last night...super soft...I think they will be PJ pants...I don't really do yoga. Now for a little whining...I agreed to work 2 extra shifts so I am only getting 1 day off this week. That day is tomorrow and my sweet Baboo is on duty, so you know what that means...SEW PARTY!!! Hopefully I will get some things done before I start working on Vinnie's hat order. I guess I should look on the bright side and consider the extra shifts mean I can buy more fabric!!! Yay!!! Happy days are here again!!!

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