Sunday, April 20, 2008

Who knocked off Who???

I stopped at Fred Meyer's (a local all-in-one department/grocery store) to pick up some milk and was checking out the spring dresses on my way to the back of the store. They had this Maggy London dress on the rack...almost down to the same print of fabric. How do I know? I cut this particular pattern out last night. (Thank you Marji...this was made possible secondary to her stash reduction project!) The back of this dress is a "V"...turned around the RTW was a "V" as well. It was kind of wierd! I feel very trendy though knowing I will have a now style, made with my choice of fabric. Speaking of fabric, I had a weak moment this morning and ordered some cute stuff from I know I have piles of fabric to work with, but sometimes I go looking and just can't help myself. I only spent like $9.00 total including shipping for 3 yards...I found some killer stuff in the $1.95/yd never know what you will find. They had a cute camo/butterfly knit that I will probably make up as the Maggy London top here. My Hunny loves camo clothing and this way I can be camo and a little feminine too. I also picked up a slinky grey leopard print that will go with my grey grouping. I hope it doesn't look too crazy. Oh well! Tearsa (That's Sew Live) had an interesting entry regarding personal style. I'm not sure what my style would be called. I am working on making pieces that fit together...well, not these 2 fabrics, but teamed individually with a black skirt or pair of pants...I like it!

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