Sunday, April 27, 2008

No Sew Sunday

Waaa!! Well, it may not be a completely sew free day as I brought some quilt blocks I am working on to work, but all I probably will accomplish there is cutting the flying geese units for the blocks (and ripping out the units I somehow managed to sew the wrong sides together). I must have been tired last night when I was sewing them together. Tomorrow will be a wash as I am working another double boss was talking about getting someone to cover her on Tuesday as well and I just prayed that she didn't ask me. I would have said a big fat NO, of course...4 back to back shifts in a row is insane...3 is pushing it. I need some time to do my thing...I have a big order of hats to start on when they arrive from the vendor and I would like to have some of the projects I have cut out finished before then...the green coat...snicker, snicker, snicker...maybe if I keep bringing it up I will be motivated to finish it. What I did accomplish before work was I got the broccoli, Walla Walla Sweet onions, cranberry beans and cabbage out it the garden. They were crying to be let out of the green house and I think the timing is perfect because they are predicting rain for a couple of days and then the return of the sun. That makes for a good start. I love planting time. The raspberries came out okay despite the craziness of this Spring...only a few leaves got frostbitten. I'm afraid the blossoms on the peach tree are goners, but the pear and apples haven't blossomed yet, so I think they will be okay. My pampas grass that Tom predicted would die last year is almost 4 feet tall and the Wisteria is loving it's new permanent home. We go back and forth about the garden and other things...I guess that's what old married folk do. I need to do alot of work in the back yard...I need some shade tolerant plants that like to be ignored...Hostas? Switching gears here, my Hunny and I talked about what to do with our economic stimulus check that should be coming soon. He suggested new carpet and laminate flooring for the house...I suggested a fishing trip to Alaska...I think we are going with the new carpet...YAY...we will be going to Alaska sometime in the near future, but a little updating to the house would be a good thing. So...whatcha all going to do with your big fat check?

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