Saturday, April 26, 2008

I Love Yard Sales!

It's a good thing that I work on weekends, because I would probably spend them and all of our money scouring yard sales this time of year. I can only do minimal damage after work because usually I am ready to go home after my shift is over. Once in awhile a yard sale too good to pass up presents itself on my route home and who am I to question fate? This particular yard sale was next door to the fire department. I stopped in to talk to my Hunny (okay, I'll admit I did see the notice about the sale on Craig's List and they advertised sewing items) about dinner and gee, since I'm already here...all the fabric was gone, but there were 3 humungous boxes of vintage patterns. I inquired about the price because nothing was marked and the older gentleman said $1.00 a pattern. I wasn't too excited about that, so I asked what he would accept to take them all, thinking I would offer $20.00. I almost squealed like a pig in slop when he said $20.00! So I carted my treasures home and carefully counted and sorted. 446 patterns!!! Whoo hoo! Some are vintage 60's and 70's...nice stuff...I will post pictures in the near future. I'm tired now, so I am going to head up to bed...the dog's been up there for hours.


Adrienne said...

WOW! You got quite the haul!!!

S Sews said...

I am so jealous! In a "I'm so happy for you because you found a great deal" way of course :-) Have fun going through your new treasures.

Christina said...

That is a great find. It'll keep you busy for quite a while I'm sure!