Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dogs (and Cats) on Thursday

Jo and Fig try to pretend they don't like each other. I beg to differ. Jo always comes to get me when Figgy is at the sliding glass door asking to come in. More and more I am catching them sleeping together, as seen in this picture. I didn't quite catch the moment because they both jumped up when I got the camera. You can see by his expression Fig is not amused by my spy techniques. Let's keep private things private, he says! As for sewing, today was a good day. I finished Kim's jumper and it turned out really nice. I took a picture, but it didn't look too impressive in the picture, so I probably won't post it. Maybe I will get a picture of Kim in it. I spent a couple hours in the garden pulling thistles and weeds in preparation for the garden. I am going to put some water retention crystals in the beds (you know the ones we made "cool ties" with) to help keep the plants hydrated. My raspberries are running. There are several babies shooting up, but I'm not going to move them until Mother Nature settles down and quits freezing us at night. I made a couple loaves of sourdough french bread to go with the lasagne I made last night. So dinners in the bag, Baby!!! Now I can go trace off some BWOF patterns out of the March issue...Impatiently waiting for April (the first issue in my subscription I hope!)

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