Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sewing Updates

I have been one poor correspondent of late...Dear Sewing's what I have been doing. I am making good progress on the green retro print dress, despite having to take the sleeves off and the zipper half out to fit the bodice more to my liking. It should be finished this week barring any other emergencies. I have been picking up all sorts of sewing jobs, that really cut into my new Spring wardrobe sew time. I appreciate my customers, but geez people, I'm going to be running around in rags if I can't get my sewing done! Prioritize Mary! Okay...I'll work on my stuff (hehehe!) I have been aquiring fabric and patterns too this week. I scored some nice yardage and patterns from Marji's give-away, plus I bought 3 older BWOF magazines off ebay that have several items worth tracing IMMEDIATELY. I picked up a bag of fabric at Goodwill yesterday for $1.50. There were 4 different fabrics...a gorgeous blue and white stretch poly that says Maggie London all over it; a black with shimmery green stripes that depend on the light to show that I see as a great party dress for this Christmas; a khaki colored linen that will become a nice safari type dress or jacket and then a bright madras plaid that at first I was thinking...uh...placemats, but after looking at it for awhile, it might make a nice summer skirt. I will have to stew on that a little before I decide on that. I also scored on Jo-Ann's daffodil dash sale. All the Red Tag fabrics were 50% off...I had been feeling rather uninspired by Jo-Ann's recently, but I think it matters which store you go to. I have 4 that I sometimes frequent and I usually have the best luck in Oregon City. It's a nice big store (but not a SuperStore) and they have a pretty good selection. I picked up a blue/green plaid that I am going to recut the lining for the green coat...I think the plain green lining was boring me and was one of the roadblocks to working on it. (Sounds like a good excuse) I purchased a nice paisley jersey print in tans and browns and a nice cocoa knit. Then there was the fabulous navy with white polka dot poplin with a hint of stretch that screamed retro to me. The manager of this particular Jo-Ann's is a man and he was at the cutting table while my fabric was being cut...he remarked "someone must be making a costume..." I was not amused...I will have to wear my fabulous dress in there when it gets done...(Right after the green coat...LOL) Sew many clothes to make...Sew little time!

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Summerset said...

You know, I find the same thing with Jo-ann's and their clearance section. I have two stores that are within 30 minutes of me. I have to go to both stores and check out what they have before I can get any good bargains. Yes, you should go and show him how fabulous you are when you're done with the dress!