Saturday, May 24, 2008


Not much to write about sewing progress today. I am working all of this holiday weekend (Don't cry for me...I will be well compensated) so since I cannot be sewing, I am thinking about it. I have several cuts of fabric that coordinate well, but it has taken me some time to figure out what they will be when they grow up! I am inspired by the June issue of BWOF. I adore the lines and the detail on this jacket. The scallops are nice and their are pintucks on the sleeves. I think I shall create a straight skirt with a scalloped hem to go with it and call it a suit! This blouse and pant combo is nice as well. I have swore off pleated pants, but I think these tucks go long enough to hide the tummy...we'll see how the muslin goes before I commit to the style. They would look nice with my jacket too. My burning most sewers buy fabric to fit a pattern they love, or do you buy pieces of fabric you love and wait for the right pattern to smack you in the head?

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Summerset said...

I liked that jacket, too! When I buy fabric, I usually buy looking for a specific fabric for a specific pattern. Sometimes I'll see a fabric and immediately know what I will make from it; if that happens, I buy it.