Monday, September 15, 2008

Christmas is coming!!!

Somebody slap me! I am actually working on Christmas and hold out hope this year...finally...I might be prepared before the season is upon us. I am wrapping presents for the kids' advent stockings (see this post for last year's shenanigans). I have a good start on the stocking gifts. Sara is always easier than the boy, but we have a plan for the boy that will make it easier for me to come up with good gifts for him. I sometimes feel he gets the shaft as I have much more experience gifting the princess than the prince! I also have a plan for the friends and work acquaintance gifts. You know the ones where people give you a gift and you feel obligated to reciprocate. Last year I was kind of a scrooge and not really in the Christmas will give me anything this year!!! Sewing machine has been humming right along. I am almost finished with the second Chetta B dress. This one is the long sleeved verson in a red knit trimmed in black. I am not fond of the whole bias binding trip. I must have ripped out the sash three times and finally cut it off and did it my way. It may not be the best way, but it definitely looks better than doing it their way. I keep hearing Tim Gunn say "Make it work"...I hate wadders. I have another Jalie sweetheart cut out and ready to go. I'm sure it will be completed during my days off. I am sew ready for my weekend to begin!!!


Kat said...

I know how you feel about last Christmas. I was not in the Christmas mood much at all. The kids (and DH!) did not do anything for Mother's Day in 2007, so I told them it would come back to haunt them at Christmas and it did. I made them order their own presents and wrap them LOL. They thought I was being a scrooge. I *knew* I was teaching them a lesson ;) . And actually, it made for a very relaxing Christmas season, even thought I wasn't in the mood.

Let's just say I had a good Mother's Day this year! I told them their Christmas joy is based on their Mother's Day spirit.

Melissa said...

I LOVE being ahead of the Christmas game and usually am. I hope this year is no exception. It tickles me pink to get the ads on Thanksgiving day and know I'm already done (or super close). Now if I go out with all the crazies the day after Thanksgiving it's my choice, not because I have to.