Thursday, May 21, 2009

No Sewing to Report

But a heck of alot of yard work getting done! I finished getting the front of the house beds cleaned out. Tom took out all the old icky shrubs and so now I need to design a new garden. FUN!!! We are going shopping tomorrow. I got all the lower garden beds done and tilled yesterday, so those are ready to plant. I planted the potatoes...Tom had brought home some little yellow taters that were starting to bud, so in the ground they went. I already had some volunteers coming up in the tater patch. We did a little weeding in the strawberry plot last night when we went up to admire the little peaches on our tree (First year it's produced fruit!) Today's project is getting the bank back in shape and obliterating those damn blackberries. I know some people are not fortunate enough to have access to a delicious wild fruit, but these things are so invasive and I get all tingly with allergic reaction every time I do battle with them! Oh well, bring on the Benadryl and a nap! In exciting news I learned how to ride the quad yesterday and use the little trailer to haul yard debris away. That was fun! Tom made me go up into the yard to help conquer my fears. I am going to use it today too...the only rule Tom laid down was "Don't hurt yourself". He is working today, but Jason is coming over to work on his camper, so at least someone will find me if I roll it and get pinned!!! Just kidding! Off to put on my overalls and get to work!

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