Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Style

Ruthie just posted an entry about her style that got me thinking, "how would you describe my style?" This is really timely as I have been weeding out the things I never or rarely wear out of my closet to make way for things I love.  You know the garments, the ones you love to wear and just feel good wearing. I found there are alot of great pieces in my wardrobe that never make it off the hanger because I just haven't put them together in an outfit.  Casual days at home I have a usual uniform...athletic pants and a fleece, with either slippers, crocs or tennis shoes, depending on the day's activities.  I usually will slip jeans on if I have to go downtown Estacada to the post office or library, but truth be told I have been known just to wear the athletic pants and fleece before. (shameful admission!) Work is business casual, which for me is slacks or black jeans with a top (usually one made by me and a sweater or jacket).  I also love to wear dresses or skirts when the day's work is appropriate.  I tend to dress nicer than other people I work with, which leads them to ask if I have a job interview or a date after work.  Today I am wearing  a black Ann Taylor loft A-line skirt with pleats in the front and at the side seams with a black knit tie blouse (George from Walmart to be precise) and the awesome Coldwater Creek blue and black houndstooth swing jacket that I just received on Thursday.  I'm so glad I gave CWC another chance...the last few things I bought there have not been favorites.  I think the key is figuring out their sizing!  In sewing news, I finished a couple of stretchy bands for a certain expectant Mama I know.  She requested them as her pants are starting to fit a little snug and these make a nice little transition between your unbuttoned pants and shirts. I will have little Mama take a picture to show you all and can make a tutorial if anyone is interested in the process.  We have been busy with home renovation flooring in the living room, dining room and kitchen (they're all combined) and I need to repaint the kitchen (hopefully before Tom gets the flooring in there) Here's the new floor:
That's about it for this installment of Carolyn says...more later!!!


julia said...

Your floor looks awesome. I am in awe!!

Kat said...

My casual look is a bit trendy, but my dress up look is definitely on the Grace Kelly/Jackie Kennedy side. This morning when I went to church, I felt very Grace Kelly in my retro 50's outfit.