Thursday, April 14, 2011


Kodi is doing wonderfully well in the house...He doesn't do the stairs as well as he used to (neither do I Buddy...neither do I!) This morning I took him into the shower for a bath, because he can't crawl into the bathtub like he used to either anymore! I could take him to work and use the tub in the groom room, but I think it would be a challenge to get him up into that too and he seemed to enjoy the shower. I plan to make him a new ginormous bed for the family room in the hopes that he will sleep downstairs tonight rather than risk both of our lives sleeping up in our room. He almost took me out coming down the stairs! I did trip over him last night...totally my fault. I jumped up from the computer desk and was focused on the couch...missed the big black Klingon at my feet. He is such a gentle giant...he broke my fall graciously and licked my face as I cried about my bunged up knee...I'm too old to be falling down like that...might bust a hip! I will post a picture of the old man once I get his new bed made and we have another grooming session. Since I have totally caught up on Army Wives, my new Netflix series obsession is Glee. Think we'll enjoy a Glee marathon while we brush!

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